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PAC TO THE FUTURE II  is a two day event where attendees will learn, be inspired and connected to industry leaders and decision-makers.

The demands of shoppers today have led to a tsunami in the retail, packaged goods and food service market place. How does your business fit in and what are your opportunities? Topics include the business of tomorrow, omni-channels, market leader ambitious 2025 recycling, renewable and composting goals, food service and retail trends, major packaging and design trends, the emerging cannabis market, green and zero waste initiatives, smart packaging and food waste and designing packaging for the circular economy.

Three Featured Presidents
Two coffee sector presidents discuss retail challenges and go to market strategies and their innovative packaging recovery solutions.

Learn the dynamic story of a printing and premedia industry icon leader and their ambitious flexible packaging growth strategy.

The Conference Overview
E-Commerce and Packaging are inextricably connected. Learn from the biggest names in retail, brand and packaging on one stage

Is E-Commerce a Brick-And-Mortar Killer...or is it just another value stream to market?
Either way disruption is influencing consumers, retailers (food service, general merchandise and grocery), the entire supply chain and the packaging community. How are these retail channels impacting retailers, brands, logistics, the online buying, delivery and arrival of products vs. the physical in store user experience? What's more important, speed or amount of packaging? How do we solve the amount of packaging? Learn how it will impact your business.

Is using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging reachable by 2025...reality or perception?
Since January 2018 several leading brands, retailers, and packaging companies have announced they are working towards their ambitious goals - Amcor, The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble and Unilever will share their goals and call for action.

Tuesday, September 25 - Pre-Conference Activities: Tour and Golf Tournament
Quebec Fall Golf Tournament - Registration
Quebec Fall Golf Tournament - Shotgun Start
Quebec Fall Golf Tournament - Dinner & Prizes
Golf de St. Raphaël
(approx.1 hour from hotel)

Plant Tour bus leaves OMNI hotel
Plant Tour
Networking Luncheon
Head back to hotel
Recyclage, 2M Ressources inc.

Wednesday, September 26 #pacfuture
7:00am Registration & Breakfast - Social, Networking, and Exhibitor Visits



Jim Downham, PAC Packaging Consortium

Transforming Organizations for the Subscription Economy: Starting from Scratch
Alexander Manu, OCAD

The Retail Apocalypse Has Been Cancelled
Michael LeBlanc, Retail Council of Canada

Retail 2020 - Growth in a Frictionless World
Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Shikatani Lacroix
10:00am Social, Networking, and Exhibitor Visits

Ecommerce Packaging in the Evolving Retail Channel
Duane Neidert, Smithers Pira

The Leaders are Leading: 2025 Game Changers
Sarah Dearman, Coca Cola and John Coyne, Unilever
11:45am Lunch, Networking, and Exhibitor Visits



Luncheon Keynote: Flexible Packaging Leadership
François Olivier, TC Transcontinental

Trump, Taxes, Trade & Tariffs
Ken Brooks, EY

Ecommerce and Transportation Packaging
AJ Gruber, ISTA

The New Era of Digital Communication and Brand Enhancement
Chris Stowe, ESKO; Heidi Dethloff, Digimarc;
Scott Shipp, HP Indigo Labels & Packaging; Christian Knapp, CMD Insight;
2:50pm Social, Networking, and Exhibitor Visits


Sustainable Packaging Innovation from Around the World
Paul Jenkins, ThePackHub

Optimizing the Role of Packaging in Reducing Food Waste
Martin Gooch, VCMI

Cannabis Packaging - The Case for Semi-Automatic Equipment
James Chrzan, Packaging World

Marketing in Fast Growing Cannabis Category
Ray Gracewood, Organigram Inc. and Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Shikatani Lacroix




Buses Depart for Reception and Dinner in Old Montréal

Cocktail Reception - Vieux-Port Steakhouse, Vieux Montréal

Dinner - Vieux-Port Steakhouse, Vieux Montréal

Thursday, September 27 #pacfuture
7:00am Registration & Breakfast - Social, Networking, and Exhibitor Visits



Rachel Morier, PAC Packaging Consortium

Creating Tomorrow's Organization Today
John Burdett, Orxestra

Pioneering New Waste Management Processes to Create Circular Solutions
Tom Szaky, TerraCycle

P&G Beach Plastic and Ambition 2030
Brent Heist, Procter & Gamble
9:50am Social, Networking, and Exhibitor Visits




Packaging Innovation Gateway
Dan Lantz, Scout Environmental and Brent Heist, Procter & Gamble

Zero Waste in Food Retail
Jason Wadsworth, Wegmans Food Markets

Circular Economy: Glass The Natural
Jim Nordmeyer, OI; Paulina Leung, Emterra Group; Michel Marquis, 2M Ressources

I'm green™ Polyethylene
Joe Jankowski, Braskem America Inc.

Amcor's 2025 Pledge for the Planet
James Davidson, Amcor Flexibles

The Hefty® EnergyBag™ Program: A MRF's Perspective
Dale Gubbels, Firstar Fiber Recycling

11:55am Lunch, Networking, and Exhibitor Visits



Regenerative System Redesign
Mikhael Metauro, Cascades; Gordon Day, Emterra Group; Michael Zabaneh, Canada Fibers Ltd.

The Future of Food Waste Prevention
Denise Philippe, NZWC

Omni-Channel Brand Management and Design
Thomas Pigeon, Pigeon Brands and Jean Gattuso, Lassonde

Top to Top Fireside Chat: The Challenges in the Omni Channel Era
Stéphane Glorieux, Keurig Canada, and Jean-Luc Valleix, Nespresso Canada
3:00pm Adjournment

Day 1 Storytellers - September 26


Day 2 Storytellers - September 27


What will you and your company get out of this important industry event?
Actionable takeaways will come from our international speakers, their thought-provoking presentations, interactive workshops, and fun business networking functions. A great fall day on the golf course or a complimentary tour of 2M Recovery facility will precede the conference on September 25, and enjoy the warmth, Québécois cuisine and joie de vivre in Old Montréal.

What Amazing Value Does Your Registration Fee Include?
• 30 Speakers - 25 presentations, and one actionable take away from all speakers
• 15 Exhibitors - One actionable takeaway from each exhibitor
• Two days - Breakfast and Lunch
• One night - Night on the old Montréal town including French cuisine and wine dinner
• Complimentary tour of 2M Ressources Inc.
• Raffle for a Keurig or a Nespresso single serve coffer maker and coffee
• Network with packaging and discarded packaging industry leaders

The conference is hosted in Montréal, the Most European city in the world outside of Europe.









2018 Conference Rates
The lowest cost best value packaging conference in North America

(US rates in red)

Regular - $695 CAD ($590 USD)
Day pass (includes meals): Day 1 or Day 2 - $395 CAD ($335 USD)

Regular - $895 CAD ($760 USD)
Day pass (includes meals): Day 1 or Day 2 - $495 CAD ($420 USD)

Government/NGO/Academia rate
Member- $395 CAD ($335 USD)
Non-Member - $495 CAD ($420 USD)
Day pass (includes meals): Day 1 or Day 2 - $250 CAD ($210 USD)

Student rate (proof of Student ID required)
Regular - $100 CAD ($85 USD)
Day pass (includes meals): Day 1 or Day 2 - $50 CAD ($40 USD)

Sponsorship Packages
(US rates in red)
(Events in red have already been sponsored)

$10,000 CAD
($8,500 USD)

four delegates
+ 1 Event below

i) Day 1 Cocktail Reception
ii) Day 1 Dinner
iii) Keynote Speaker - Manu/coffee

iv) AV
v) Keynote Speaker - Olivier
$7,500 CAD
($6,375 USD)

three delegates
+ 1 Event below

i) Day 1 Buffet Breakfast
ii) Day 2 Buffet Breakfast
iii) Day 1 Buffet Lunch
iv) Day 2 Buffet Lunch
$5,000 CAD
($4,250 USD)

two delegates
+ 1 Event below

i) Day 1 AM Coffee Break
ii) Day 1 PM Coffee Break
iii) Day 2 AM Coffee Break
$2,500 CAD
($2,125 USD)

one delegate
+ 1 Event below

i) Speaker gifts
ii) Delegate gifts
iii) Conference name badges
iv) Conference signage
v) Conference logo design

Plant Tours
Any 2 non-keynote speakers

$1,000 CAD
($850 USD)

one delegate
+ 1 Event below

Any 1 non-keynote speaker

Exhibitors and Networking - SOLD OUT

Our Network Hall is your one-stop shop for the industry's most innovative products, services and technologies and the perfect place to connect with new or existing clients and colleagues.

Current Exhibitors

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Golf Tournament

Join PAC and your fellow industry members on September 25, 2018 for a PAC TO THE FUTURE II Golf Tournament at the prestigious Golf Saint-Raphaël.

2M Ressources Tour - September 25th

2M Ressources is Nespresso's highly acclaimed coffee capsule recycling facility. On September 25th, join us for a guided plant tour followed by a business network opportunity over lunch at Le Nautique.

2M Ressources is a recognized expert in managing and processing waste materials such as glass, plastic, cardboard and paper, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Since its founding in 1999 the company 2M Ressources has always worked in the industry of waste recycling. While continuing to process cardboard, metals and plastics the company has over the years specialized in the recycling of glass, a niche market that now represents the main challenge for the industry in Quebec.

Since 2013 the company 2M Ressources has set itself the challenge of successfully treating the glass from curbside recycling from municipalities. Today the company, which diversified itself to improve its offering and market, expanded its mission so to provide specialized solutions in glass re-evaluation for all types of glass, from all sources and for all types of customers ensuring superior quality for use in all outlets where glass may be used.

Evening Entertainment
Join us after the business session on Day 1, for cocktails and dinner, as we enjoy a taste of the fantastic Québecois cuisine in Old Montréal. We will be dining at the Vieux-Port Steakhouse situated directly on St. Paul Street in a beautiful, century-old structure.

And then feel free to tour the streets of Old Montréal as you work your way back to the hotel.


This year's PAC Conference will be held in Montréal, Québec at the Hotel Omni Mont Royal.

You will be responsible for your own Hotel Reservation. As most of the rooms are now sold out, please contact directly or call her at 514-985-6218 and mention the PAC Packaging Consortium Conference name.

The Hotel Omni Mont Royal donates all food leftovers to "La Maison de Père", a charity organization in Montréal.

Click here to read about Omni Hotels & Resorts' "Goodnight to Hunger" program

Directions to Hotel Omni Mont Royal

Click here for driving directions, parking information and transportation details to the Hotel Omni Mont Royal.