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Introduction to Packaging, Food Preservation, Packaging Development, Quality Assurance, Prepress Processes, Print Processes, Graphic Design

In this course you will learn correct terminology, basic packaging functions and design considerations. Requirements and methods for food preservation are explored as well as choices of printing methods, visual perceptions and prepress procedures.

Learning objectives:

• Broad perspective on the function of packaging
• Food preservation challenges and techniques to control hazards
• Packaging development and common failures
• Common quality assurance systems
• Terminology of the elements of packaging and types of packaging processes
• Factors in colour perception
• Prepress and printing options
• Bar code printing and scanning requirements

Who should attend?

• Everyone wishing to enhance their understanding of Consumer Goods Packaging
• Professionals in the areas of Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Packaging, Design and Production
• Employees changing fields in packaging
• Employees new to the packaging industry
• Basics of graphic design

Course Topics:

Perspective on Packaging
• Components of the packaging industry
• Packaging as a system on inter-related activities
• Overview of packaging functions
• Why have laws for packaging regulation?
• Jurisdictions, Federal and Provincial
• Mandatory Label Information

Food Preservation
• Packaging and the global food supply
• Food spoilage mechanisms
• Basic microorganism groups and their propagation
• Smell, taste, flavour, spoilage and barrier packaging
• The six basic food preservation methods

Packaging Development
• Packaging's role in market success
• A packaging design's many stakeholders
• Packaging project scope, complexity and objectives
• Generating ideas, the package design brief
• Quality defined
• Specifications as a descriptor of quality

Quality Assurance
• Principles and importance of quality
• Basics of common quality systems
• Quality systems in packaging
• Generating ideas, the package design brief
• Quality defined

Guide to Barcode Methodology
• The components of a UPC code
• How it works
• Basic guidelines (color, location, size, etc.)
• Printing UPC codes
• Nutritional guidelines

Colour Perception
• The nature of colour and human colour perception
• Colour communication problems
• Additive synthesis and subtractive synthesis
• The nature and shortcomings of printing inks
• Influence of light source
• Doing colour comparisons

Printing Prepress
• Current prepress paths
• Digital and analog (mechanical) proofing methods
• Line art and Pantone colour specification
• Halftone art and process art and line screens
• Moiré patterns, bleed, trap and reversed-out print
• Overview of common printing methods

Package Printing Methods
• Flexographic printing plates and printing presses; advantages and limitations
• Lithographic printing plates and printing presses; advantages and limitations
• Gravure printing plates and printing presses; advantages and limitations
• Screen, hot stamp and pad printing applications

Graphic Design
• Structural and graphic design components
• Demographics, psychographics and consumer appeal
• Motivational messages and the point of difference
• Brand names and trade dress
• Colour, material, shape, graphic art and typography
• Market research input

Information and Pricing:

Course Times:
8am - 4pm daily.
Continental breakfast and lunch included.

Centre for Health & Safety Innovation
5110 Creekbank Road
Mississauga, ON L4W 0A1
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