The Vital Partner and Catalyst for the Packaging Value Chain



PAC offers a wide range of events throughout North America that offer the opportunity for those part of the packaging value chain to learn, collaborate and network.


Our networking process includes webinars, seminars, conferences, competitions, plant tours, education programs, trade shows, technical workshops, and social activities i.e. golf tournaments.

Competitions & Awards


2015 PAC Global Leadership Awards - click here for Winners and Gala info















Previous competitions


PAC Global Leadership Awards give industry-based, peer recognition for excellence in all formats of packaging, in branding and graphic design, in technical aspects and in sustainability. The PAC Packaging Competition is the longest running competition in North America. PAC was the first to initiate a Sustainable Packaging competition in 2008 and Packaging to Reduce Food Waste in 2015


Target entrants: brand owners, branding and design agencies, package container and technology processors, and raw material manufacturers.

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