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Alan Blake
PAC NEXT, Executive Director

Yes, we were there along with at least 60,000 other packaging enthusiasts. And, we certainly had an exciting action packed few days in the Windy City at the PMMI PACK EXPO International on Nov 2-5th 2014. The BIG highlight was celebrating Jim Downham, our PAC CEO, being inducted into the PMMI Packaging Hall of Fame. It was well-deserved recognition for his passionate and extensive leadership role in the packaging industry and for re-invigorating PAC in the late 2000’s.

Our team was also busy talking up the value of packaging at several connected events. Rachel Morier presented at the AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Assoc.) World Congress talking about the intersect between PAC NEXT and PAC Food Waste. Jim Downham joined Yasmin Siddiqqi (DuPont) and Ron Cotterman (Sealed Air), co-chairs of the PAC Food Waste program, to talk about the opportunities for packaging to impact food waste reduction. I’m on the TAG (Technical Advisory Group) for AMERIPEN (American Association for Packaging and the Environment) and attended their fall seminars on (a) Pros and Cons of mixed waste processing - a reality for many US cities where curbside recycling programs are NOT in place and (b) Material Health - Fact vs. Fiction - a candid look at the challenges we face today managing material environmental health risk assessments.

All in all, it was a hectic but valuable three days and it was great to see so many of our members at the EXPO, passing by our booth in the North Hall.

Our focus now turns to our strategic plans for 2015. Our final Leadership Council meeting for 2014 will be held in Toronto on Tuesday Dec 2nd. We will review the results achieved in 2014 which will be highlighted in our membership report (due to be published in December) and seek LC guidance on the projects and deliverables for 2015.

If you have a point of view on where PAC NEXT and PAC Food Waste should be headed in 2015 please feel free to contact us: Alan Blake Alanblake7@gmail.com and Rachel Morier rachel.morier@gmail.com

Celebrating achievements as PPEC nears 25-years in 2015
John Mullinder, Executive Director, PPEC

The paper packaging industry’s environmental council, PPEC, will be 25 years old next year, a time to celebrate some of its notable achievements:

First in North America to demonstrate composting as a diversion option for waxed corrugated and old boxboard: a practical solution for communities far from recycling mills. PEI and Nova Scotia send more old boxboard for composting than they do for recycling.

First in North America to develop a recycling market for old boxboard (going from no access in Southern Ontario in 1990 to 94% access for all Canadians today).

First in the world to apply activity-based costing (ABC) methodologies to the costs of residential recycling. ABC recognises cost drivers such as weight, volume and time, and underpins the funding formulas for all industry-supported Blue Box programs across Canada.

First to develop a Food Packaging Protocol: a mill checklist for heavy metals and pathogens so that customers could feel comfortable about placing residentially collected paperboard back into food packaging applications.

First paper packaging association in the world to have every single one of its mill members independently certified for “chain-of-custody” (responsible sourcing of paper materials, whether recycled or virgin).

First paper packaging association in the world to call for a ban on the landfilling of a material its own members produce (old corrugated containers or OCC). PEI and Nova Scotia have bans in place. Quebec is talking about it.

Persuading the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) to allow the edge crush test (ECT) as a specification for wine and liquor boxes (meaning more recycled content packaging can be used).

For more information on the council and its current activities, go to www.ppec-paper.com

Rachel's Sneak Peek

Rachel Morier
PAC NEXT, Program Manager


Fall is the season for conferences. The greatest benefit of attending conferences is being able to share experiences, impressions, information gathered and contacts with your colleagues and peers. Alan’s section covers the many events that occurred at PACK EXPO, including AIPIA World Congress. Packaging innovation for the reduction of food waste was a prevalent topic where new developing technologies were revealed to control quality and/or extend shelf-life, particularly for milk, meat, fish and wine. The Resource Recycling Conference 2014 in New Orleans revealed how recycling is evolving due to various factors including the increase of single-stream MRFs, changing MSW composition and regulations ie. China’s Green Fence and MRF growth in Asia. As always, PAC is happy to share highlights and will continue to monitor the latest trends and developments for our members.


PAC NEXT - Top 10 Packaging Challenges in a MRF: Final circulation of the report draft has been issued to project team members. The next meeting is scheduled on Tues. Dec. 9th to discuss lessons learned and the next phase of the project. Be sure to sign up for webinar on Monday, November 24th at 2pm ET! Multi-layered Laminates: Next meeting on Friday, Nov 21st with a presentation from Zzyzx Polymers.

PAC FOOD WASTE - The Leadership Council meeting on Dec. 2nd will determine projects for 2015.

For more information, please contact me at rmorier@pac.ca.


Upcoming Meetings
Multi-Layer Laminates
Fri. Nov. 21st, 11am ET

PAC NEXT & PAC FOOD WASTE Leadership Council
Tues. Dec. 2nd, 9am ET

Top 10 Packaging Challenges in a MRF
Tues. Dec. 9th, 11am ET

Top 10 Packaging Challenges for Recycling in a MRF PAC NEXT - Mon. Nov. 24th, 2pm ET

EPR Updates
ÉEQ welcomes the creation of an advisory committee on residual materials

• MMSW Non-Member Discount Factor Confirmed for Jan. 1, 2015 Program Launch

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Reducing food waste requires a whole systems approach.Tara Garnett, Oxford University, discusses how reducing food waste requires systemic thinking along the supply chain.

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Renewable Energy From Waste Conference
Nov 17th-20th San Jose, CA

Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo
Nov 19th-20th Toronto, CA

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