James D Downham
President & CEO

July 28, 2015

PAC Family - This quarterly publication is to keep you informed of various PAC items of interest and activities. We ask for your support by attending the quality events we provide for you and bring a guest along to showcase PAC.

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  1. PAC and your continued participation
  • This is the time of year for the PAC strategic review. We assess our current mandate and membership mix. The reality is that we are offering far more leading-edge content either in person or on line than we ever have. Our objective is to remain relevant and deliver great value for our members. Today what sticks out for me is that everyone is continually asked to do more with less. That means a limited amount of available time and with smaller budgets. So we need to deliver even greater value in shorter smaller soundbites. That is the challenge and I’d appreciate your wisdom on how you may be doing that in your own organization. Write to me with your ideas and suggestions and I will try to satisfy everyone’s needs.

  1. PAC Membership
  • Thank you for your continued support, the 2016 membership dues invoices will be sent to all corporate members in October. The best PAC membership recruiters are our PAC members; please do what you can to help your association. For membership information contact lrudner@pac.ca
  • There are now approximately 364 Corporate Members and 1854 Associate Members.
  • Welcome new PAC members.

  1. PACsecure - Products First Line of Defense
  • PAC FOOD WASTE, Packaging Solutions for Food Waste now has 48 members
  • Ongoing projects and collaboration opportunities being explored include the following:
    i. Food Waste LCAs and Single Serve Coffee Study - Final report of the single-serve coffee LCA is now available here. Executive summary and infographic is also available: http://pac.ca/ePromos/promos/pac0689/
    ii. PAC FOOD WASTE releases the first quarterly newsletter.
    iii. PAC FOOD WASTE will be announcing a fall summit event in November 2015 hosted by Dupont, Delaware. Stay tuned!

    The GFSI recognized IFS PACsecure Program has now certified over 46 facilities to date in North America and Europe. Recent additions include Amcor, International Paper and Silgan Plastics. For a full list of certified organizations, please visit: http://pac.ca/pacsecure.html
    The next IFS PACsecure Training Course takes place in Toronto on September 24.

  1. Continuing Education
  • The Packaging Certificate Program continues this fall with Courses 3 & 4 taking place in September and October.
  • Packaging Sales Best Practices takes place on October 8, in Toronto.
  • The Ultimate Packaging Optimization Course returns to Toronto this fall on November 17.
  • PAC now has 15 education courses on-line! Perfect for those new to the industry or those just looking to enhance their knowledge. See HERE for all courses offered.

  1. PAC NEXT - A World Without Packaging Waste
  • Membership continues to grow with 17 new members joining so far in 2015: total =126
  • Published second 2015 quarterly issue of EPR updates that includes USA and Europe. The issue features a guest column by UPSTREAM and the California Product Stewardship Council.
  • 2016 strategic planning focus on areas emphasizing collaboration that can deliver pragmatic solutions and actions:
    i. Drive Harmonization - best practices, standards (collection, material types, design guidelines) - follow-up with municipalities to implement change!
    ii. Increasing recovery of high impact, valuable recyclables e.g. PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, metals, glass, paper and paperboard - work with other associations and continue Packaging Innovation Gateway project work
    iii. Finding economical recovery solutions for high impact non-recyclables e.g. multi-layer laminates - continue project work
    iv. Sharing knowledge and best practices regarding energy-from-waste

  1. Future Seminars and Events
  • PAC’s Central Region is hosting the annual Western Golf Tournament in Brantford, ON on September 16. The Atlantic Region Tournament will take place in Moncton, NB on September 18. Don’t miss these two great networking opportunities!
  • PAC has partnered with the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association, to bring you and exciting seminar on Printable Electronics for Intelligent Packaging on October 20. Stay tuned for more details.
  • MRF Tours continue in the US! Visit the Rumpke Facility in Cincinnati on September 9th and the Waste Management Minneapolis MRF on October 6th.
  • Details for next month’s events below, or visit the PAC Event Calendar for a complete listing.

  1. What's New?
  • Len’s back. Leonard Rudner will be leading our membership drive for the balance of 2015 and 2016. Please send him the names of people/companies that PAC can help advance their respective agendas.
Enjoy your summer vacation. See you in the fall.
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