The webinar will focus on the breakthrough benefits of utilizing digital design techniques and methodologies that will help characterize the performance of packages for shipping and distribution. These technologies will help provide a major push towards reduced destructive testing of packages using digital tools, to accurately arrive at the optimized design and material to ensure products reach the retail stores intact and undamaged. The digital tools can be successfully integrated into the development life cycle to help reduce time to market, number of prototypes for destructive testing, and material usage.

Featured Speaker Chandra Arcot, CTO:  Chandra has spent nearly 20 years developing, deploying and proliferating cutting-edge modeling and simulation solutions to various industry verticals such as Aerospace, Automotive, Packaging, and Heavy Industries. As a co-founder at Axiom in last 12 years+ he has worn several hats, with a primary focus area of driving research and bringing to life technology solutions and products. 

About Axiom: Axiom Consulting is a product development and innovation company, based out of Bangalore, India with US offices in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our vision statement, "A little bit of Axiom in every product," embodies our fundamental desire to play a constructive product development role across various product categories. Find out more at Axiom is a member of PACNEXT.

Moderated by Alan Blake, PACNEXT Executive Director

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
2 - 3 pm Eastern
1 - 2pm Central

11am - 12pm Pacific

Free for PAC members
$99 for non-members

For more information:
Rachel Morier
PAC NEXT, Program Manager

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