Press Release, April 4, 2016, Toronto, CA and Valencia, US

PAC NEXT Releases Top 15 Packaging Challenges (+Recommendations) For Recycling in a MRF report.

PAC is proud to announce the release of the Top 15 Packaging Challenges (+Recommendations) For Recycling in a MRF report.

This 30-page report revisits and expands from the original "Top 10 Packaging
Challenges For Recycling in a MRF" released in December of 2014 to include five new packaging formats. The project continues to be a priority today and for the foreseeable future because stakeholders throughout the value chain continue to be confused about what can and cannot be recycled. 

Daniel Lantz, Chief Operating Officer at Green By Nature EPR and PAC NEXT Co-Chair states, “With packaging changing constantly, it can be difficult for recycling facility operators to maintain, or preferably increase, recyclables recovery rates. PAC NEXT took the initiative to develop a guide to help program operators and packaging designers understand the opportunities and limitations associated with the Top 15 packaging challenges found in the marketplace today.” 

With over 30 contributors across the packaging value chain, the report provides updated information on key developments over the past year and also highlights current industry initiatives and research on new sorting and re-processing technologies. More importantly, this report features recommendations and best practices to help communicate what is needed to overcome these challenges while seizing opportunities to recover more packaging materials. 

Keith Fanta, Section Head for Packaging Sustainability at Procter & Gamble and fellow PAC NEXT Co-Chair states, “While the PAC NEXT team understands that packaging needs to be designed to meet a host of other important requirements, we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of some of the current challenges when it comes to recycling.  The end goal is to have the right information to help design the most sustainable packaging possible.”

Lantz adds, “The encouraging thing is that over the course of developing the document, a number of previous “issues” are now finding solutions. PAC NEXT will continue to monitor technology developments to address the issues and also work with packaging designers to try to ensure that ultimately all packaging has a next life.”

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