Is your packaging ready to support your business growth via e-commerce?

Online purchases in North America are growing at an annual rate of 15.6% reaching 423 billion dollars. This growth is particularly driven by the new consumption habits of the generation Y and X consumers. E-commerce represents a key growth driver for Quebec companies and offers major opportunities for development. WIth these opportunies also come new challenges that require companies to re-examine their ways of packaging and shipping in order to meet new consumers and delivery systewms requirements that are becoming more and more complex.

Join us on November 9 for this PAC event in collaboration with ITEGA to be better equipped to develop and optimize packaging solutions in the era of e-commerce.

Please note that conferences are in French.

9:15am - Registration and coffee
9:30-10:45am - Workshop 1
10:45am-12:00pm - Workshop 2
12:00-1:30pm - Lunch Conference
1:30-2:45pm - Workshop 3
2:45-4:00pm - Workshop 4
4:00pm -
Networking cocktail

Buffet Antique
6086 rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, QC H1N 1C1

Full Day - $185
1/2 day (AM or PM) - $125
Full Day - $295
1/2 day (AM or PM) - $220

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Workshop 1 - Panel : E-commerce - Issues and Challenges for Retail Businesses in Quebec
You will have the opportunity to hear and interact with panelists from the Quebec retail sector who will present their unique issues and challenges, as well as their innovative packaging solutions for their e-commerce activities.
Moderator: Edouard Clément, ing., M.Sc.A Groupe Agéco Panelist: Alexandre Caron, Cook it; Pierre Bazinet, Mondou

Workshop 2 - Conference: How can packaging support your brand in the e-commerce era?
Your packaging has marketing and communication functions that are essential to your brand, but what about the e-commerce perspective? Come and listen to our speaker to fully understand the impact of packaging for the e-commerce consumer.
Speaker: Marc Demers, L'agence - Braque

The growth of e-commerce and the opportunities for Canadian products and packaging manufacturers.

Speaker: Charles-Antoine Martin. Groupe GCL
This lunch and learn conference will showcase the boom in e-commerce, both for the local market and for exports, and the different opportunities for the Canadian Manufacturing sector.

Workshop 3 - Conference: Packaging and transportation in the era of e-commerce - the how to
• Develop and optimize packaging to ensure the integrity of the product.
• Develop and optimize packaging for transportation and handling logistics.
Speakers: Sébastien Arès, ing et Yvan Lapointe, CARTIER
Studies show that more than 55% of cyber-buyers would not repeat their experience if their package arrives damaged. The packaging then becomes a priority. High-performance and cost-effective packaging will help you succeed at the decisive stage of your online strategy: the customer experience. Discover how to excel in this new domain.

Workshop 4 - Conference: Smart packaging and e-commerce
Come and discover the different smart packaging solutions already on the market and glimpse at the trends
in this niche to enable you to identify opportunities that can support your development in the era of online commerce.

Speaker: James Lee, Jones Packaging

Cocktail and presentation of the upcoming PAC activities and the Quebec Leadership Council followed by a networking activity.

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