Press Release, October 25, 2017, Toronto, CA

PAC NEXT Releases ‘Packaging Towards a Circular Economy: Addressing Today’s Top Packaging Challenges’ with supporting ‘Packaging Fact Sheets’

PAC NEXT is proud to announce the release of Packaging Towards a Circular Economy: Addressing Today’s Top Packaging Challenges accompanied by 15 Packaging Fact Sheets.

The report is a result of the Packaging Innovation Gateway project team effort to provide guidance on the design, capture and recovery of packaging in order for materials to be successfully recycled or composted. The project is led by Brent Heist of Procter & Gamble and Daniel Lantz of Scout Environmental and involved consultation with over 30 project team members over a 12-month period.

The primer document and supporting fact sheets provide recommendations up-front and evolve the work from the original Top 10 Packaging Challenges For Recycling paper. The new format of 15 individual fact sheets allow for timely updates based on the latest developments by packaging format. The fact sheets also include actionable steps for identified impact areas as well as examples to illustrate current solutions in progress.

Dan Lantz, CEO at Scout Environmental and PAC NEXT Co-Chair states, “PAC NEXT stays at the forefront because of its ability to bring together different elements of the packaging value chain in a collaborative effort to find solutions for all packaging.”

Download the primer document Packaging Towards a Circular Economy: Addressing Today’s Top Packaging Challenges for FREE here.

Packaging formats included in the fact sheets include:
• Beverage cups, ice cream containers & other polycoated packaging
• Black plastic containers
• Caps on plastic bottles
• Coloured opaque PET
• Compostable plastic
• Corrugated tray with plastic film
• Full-wrap labels on plastic bottles
• Gable top aseptic containers
• Glass jars and bottles
• Labels on PET thermoforms
• Metallized tubes
• Multi-Material Laminates
• Non-PET clamshells
• Plastic bags and films
• Single-serve hot beverage pods


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