Laura Studwell, Industry Marketing Manager, Food, Beverage and Packaging,
Omron Automation & Safety

Laura Studwell is the Food, Beverage and Packaging Industry Marketing Manager for Omron, a provider of automation and safety products. She has a strong background in the food and packaging industries working with associations and governing bodies throughout the Pan-Americas to drive standards for food safety and quality. Studwell received her MBA from Northern Illinois University and is an active member of PMMI, serving on the Emerging Leaders Committee. She is also a member of the Packaging Association of Canada, serving on the Ontario Region Leadership Council.

Leonardo Giglio, Vice President of Marketing
Tempo Plastics Limited

Born into the flexible packaging industry, Leonardo Giglio is the son of Co-Founder and former President of Tempo Plastics, Joseph Giglio, and currently Vice President of Marketing at Tempo Plastics. Proud to be a part of the family business, Leonardo provides innovation and a fresh approach to expanding markets where there is demand for intelligent and environmentally conscious packaging.

At the age of 23, Leonardo was well equipped to take on the role of Sales Representative. This has provided him firsthand knowledge of customer needs and challenges, allowing him to work on new opportunities and technologies. In his current role as Vice President of Marketing, Leonardo works closely with product development and stays on top of the latest packaging trends.