Press Release, May 7, 2018, Toronto, CA

PAC Packaging Consortium releases
new sustainability checklist for packaging

PAC Packaging Consortium is proud to announce the release of their 'Sustainability Checklist for Structural Package Designers.'

The checklist was developed by PAC NEXT, PAC's sustainability initiative with a vision of A World Without Packaging Waste. The checklist is the result of collective input from PAC NEXT's Packaging Innovation Gateway project team consisting of over 40 members throughout the packaging value chain.

The purpose of the checklist is to provide a quick reference guide for structural package designers with little to no knowledge of sustainability in order to help them make more informed decisions for packaging. Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability, states, "We hope the checklist acts as a starting point for a much larger collaborative discussion as more companies and their suppliers strive to meet the demands for a true circular economy."

Download the 'Sustainability Checklist for Structural Package Designers' here. The checklist was designed for an 11 x 17 format, printed on two sides for optimal viewing.

If interested in learning more about PAC NEXT's Packaging Innovation Gateway project work, upcoming events, and how to join, please email Rachel Morier at

About PAC and PAC NEXT
PAC Packaging Consortium is a not-for-profit organization serving as A Vital Partner and Catalyst for the Packaging Value Chain since 1950. PAC NEXT is an initiative of PAC with a vision of A World Without Packaging Waste. PAC NEXT works to unite leading organizations across the packaging value chain to collaboratively explore, evaluate and mobilize innovative packaging solutions that move toward a circular economy. The initiative involves members from all sectors including: grocery and quick service retailers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, package manufacturers and raw material providers, materials recovery management, government and NGOs.

For more information, contact:

Jim Downham
President & CEO
PAC Packaging Consortium

Rachel Morier
Director of Sustainability
PAC Packaging Consortium

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