Press Release, June 7, 2018, Toronto, CA

ReVital Polymers Inc. Wants
Municipalities' Blue Box Black Plastic

ReVital Polymers Inc., one of Canada’s largest plastics recycling company that is located in Sarnia, Ontario says that black plastics collected in recycling programs are an important resource and feedstock for its recycling business. ReVital’s customers use recycled black plastic to manufacture products such as new automobile parts and household goods like containers and shelving.

ReVital is Canada’s first recycling plant that combines a Container Recovery Facility and a Plastics Recovery Facility under one roof. The process of transforming incoming mixed plastic bales into recycled plastic pellets takes less than 25 minutes to complete. ReVital plans to expand the range of materials it accepts from recycling programs next year. Clients in the household goods, construction and automotive sectors purchase ReVital’s recycled plastic pellets to make a range of new products.

"No one I know thinks it’s right to use a plastic product or package once and then send it to landfill," said Keith Bechard, ReVital’s Chief Commercial Officer. "In Ontario alone, about 1,405 tonnes of black plastics are generated annually. That would fill more than 70 transport trucks parked end-to-end stretching for 1.7 kilometers. That is a significant amount of valuable material and that’s why we invested in the technology torecover black plastics."

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About ReVital Polymers Inc.
As a clean technology company, ReVital Polymers Inc. is contributing to Ontario’s transition to a circular and low carbon economy. Opened in 2017 and centrally located in Sarnia, Ontario, ReVital is the first facility in Canada, and one of the newest and most advanced recovery facilities in North America, that combines a Container Recovery Facility (CRF) and a Plastics Recovery Facility (PRF) in one location.

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