Gary Calicdan
Ethical Buying Team, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Gary Calicdan is the Packaging and Print Buyer of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Joining the company in February 2007, he has seen the business grow from 80 shops to over 250 shops in North America. Along with growing the supply chain, Gary has led many initiatives to improve our ethics and sustainability in our packaging supply chain such as use of 100% recycled materials for gift wraps and printed paper, shopping bags, corrugated boxes, plastic bottles and jars and biodegradable gift fillers. Gary has also focused on developing a local high quality recycled plastic material supply base including ocean bound plastics and creating closed loop systems through retail and manufacturing operations wherever possible.

Alan Laderoute
General Manager & VP of Sales, Pano Cap Canada Ltd.
Alan Laderoute is the General Manager and VP of Sales of Pano Cap Canada Ltd. After receiving a Bachelor of Science and Business degree from the University of Waterloo, Alan started work in Pano Cap’s production facility in 2003, and then moved into a sales role for over 10 years. This experience has given Alan an intimate knowledge of the packaging industry and helped him develop numerous key account at Pano. As the VP of Sales and General Manager, Alan continues Pano Cap’s tradition of using and advocating alternate materials including PCR, reducing and using scrap internally, and reducing waste (zero waste to landfill). Alan has been an active member of the Packaging Consortium’s Central Region Leadership Council for the past 3 years helping to promote events and awareness in the packaging industry including recycling initiatives.

Daniel Reshef
General Manager
, Urban Polymers Inc.
Daniel Reshef is an environment and business professional with experience in waste management, public transportation, energy, and retail sectors. Daniel currently serves as General Manager of Urban Polymers Inc., an affiliated company of Canada Fibers–Urban Resource Group, that recycles post-consumer plastic streams into high-performance resins. Daniel has an Honours Bachelor of Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo, which has allowed him to make sound business sense of environmental objectives. Daniel is also a major advocate for innovation and collaboration in the recycling industry. His vision sees brand owners and manufacturers working alongside recyclers to create circular supply chains that advance the application of post-consumer material and increase waste diversion.