Join this discussion to examine the issues of harmonization and what do we have to do to get there? As a preamble we offer the following: 

Harmonized Recovery
Harmonize municipal collection programs by province or state to avoid every program being different.

Harmonization of existing Extended Producer Responsibility and Zero Plastic Waste Action Plan
Policy harmonization on waste diversion is required across provinces and municipalities nationally to action current and future goals, for ease of consistency for consumer engagement, and the actors in the value chain. Scale needs to be created to help reach packaging/materials recovery goals, to provide a minimum standard of service and to set the stage for packaging innovation. Harmonization means:

  • Creation of consistent policies on materials obligated to be collected, including diversion targets by material, across provinces and territories; and
  • Provision of consistent educational materials and tools, labelling guidelines, and messaging to the public to reduce confusion.

To show the complexity of the issue as related to the recycling program in the City of Toronto, please refer to this article.

We look forward to discussing this issue in hopes of determining a role for PAC NEXT and how to promote harmonization.

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