PAC Packaging Consortium is proud to announce the release of their Smart Packaging Sustainability Checklist developed by the PAC NEXT team in collaboration with the IntelliPACK team, which is a joint partnership between PAC and intelliFlex Business Network.

Smart packaging presents a tremendous opportunity to leverage smart materials and technology to close the loop for more efficient product and packaging reuse and recycling. Hence, the collaborative partnership between PAC NEXT with vision of “A World Without Packaging Waste” and intelliPACK with a vision of “A Smart Packaging Innovation network” was a great fit for developing the checklist.

The checklist is intended for the Smart Packaging community and those interested in using Smart Packaging for their products and packaging. The checklist provides a quick reference guide to help decision makers (e.g. brand managers, product innovators, package designers, sustainability leaders and buyers) make more informed sustainability decisions as they relate to Smart Packaging choices.

Alan Blake, PAC NEXT US Director states “We hope that the checklist will help companies assess how Smart Packaging can positively impact their sustainability goals, potentially create more circular packaging designs and deliver great consumer value and product experiences.”

Ultimately, product and package innovation teams should strive to leverage the checklist and Smart Packaging to help keep traditional packaging as a valuable resource in a continuous closed loop system with no unintended consequences for the existing recovery systems and infrastructure.

Download the 'Smart Packaging Sustainability Checklist’ here. The checklist was designed for an 11 x 17 format, printed on two sides for optimal viewing.

For more information please contact Alan Blake at

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