Gordon Day
Vice President, Ryse Solutions

Gordon Day has spent his career developing solutions that improve business and environmental performance through circular economy principles. With more than 30 years of experience in recycling, waste diversion and producer responsibility, Gordon has helped design, implement and manage collection and stewardship programs across the country for beverage containers, packaging and printed materials, batteries, pressurized containers and waste electronics. Since joining Emterra Group in 2018, he is leading their move to provide a broader range of circular economy and producer responsibility services through the launch of Ryse Solutions. Ryse Solutions has been created to assist producers in navigating the transition to a more sustainable and circular economy and to assist them with ever more complex producer responsibility regulatory requirements. This new division within Emterra Group is a registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario under the new Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 and is ready to assist producers in understanding the new regulatory framework in Ontario and abroad, in stewardship compliance reporting and in the recovery of difficult to manage packaging and products.

Keith Bechard
Chief Commercial Officer, ReVital Polymers

Keith Bechard is Chief Commercial Officer at ReVital Polymers Inc and responsible for conversion of single use plastics to second life applications in the Consumer Packaging, Household Goods, Automotive and Industrial Goods sectors. ReVital Polymers, along with Emterra Group and Merlin Plastics Group is a member of the Circular Polymers Group; North America's largest plastics recycling consortium.

Mandy Galusha
Sustainability Coordinator, Lush

Mandy Galusha is a Sustainability Coordinator at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Her focus on projects and program development within Lush's Toronto-based manufacturing operations drives their waste reduction initiatives. A special interest and passion for training and engagement shapes her work. Mandy believes that a truly values-driven business can create social change through the actions of its leadership. She plays ringette with the Etobicoke Stingers!

Leonardo Giglio
Vice President, Marketing & Product Development, Tempo Plastics

Born into the flexible packaging industry, Leonardo Giglio is the son of Co-Founder of Tempo Plastics, Joseph Giglio.  Proud to be a part of the family business, Leonardo provides innovation and a fresh approach to expanding markets where there is demand for intelligent and environmentally conscious packaging.

At the age of 23, Leonardo was well equipped to take on the role of Sales Representative. This has provided him firsthand knowledge of customer needs and challenges, allowing him to work on new opportunities and technologies. In his current role as Vice President,  Marketing & Product Development, Leonardo sits on a few Industry related councils with the objective of developing a circular economy for plastics packaging in Canada.

Ryan L'Abbe
Vice President of Operations, GreenMantra Technologies

Ryan L'Abbe is the Vice President of Operations at GreenMantra Technologies and is responsible for the company's Operations, Engineering, and Supply Chain areas within the company. Ryan joined GreenMantra Technologies in 2015 and has led the commercialization and large-scale expansion of GreenMantra's production plant located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Prior to his time with GreenMantra, Ryan held various Operations roles within the Ford Motor Company of Canada, Labatt Breweries of Canada and Ice River Springs Water Company. In his time at Ice River, Ryan was responsible for starting the company's new PET plastic recycling division. This division, Blue Mountain Plastics Recycling, is now one of Canada's largest PET re-processors and produces of over 50 million pounds of food grade recycled plastic for use in the company's own production of water bottles.

Ryan is well-known and respected within the plastics recycling industry.