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2015 PAC Global Leadership Awards – Packaging Competition Call for Entries

Entry form details will be available soon...

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PAC has a prestigious history of Packaging Competitions dating back to 1953. The Student Competition was introduced in the mid 1980s and has coincided with the biennial PAC Packaging Competition. In 2008 PAC held the inaugural Sustainable Packaging Competition which combined with the PAC Packaging Competition to become the PAC Leadership Awards.

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The PAC Leadership Awards, launched in 2009, features five Best of Show Awards. The top award is the PAC Leader Among Leaders Award which acknowledges the entry that best combines the merits of technical packaging design and sustainability. The PAC Packaging Award and the Consumers' Voice Canadian Packaging Award are the Best of Show for the PAC Packaging Competition. The Walmart Canada Sustainable Packaging Award and the PAC Sustainable Packaging Award are the Best of Show for the Sustainable Packaging Competition.

In addition to the name change we have created new awards sculptures for the PAC Packaging Competition and the PAC Leader Among Leaders Award. In 2008 the recycled aluminum tree with the reclaimed wood base was created for the Sustainable Packaging Competition. Now the PAC Packaging Competition has its own environmental friendlier recycled aluminum award with an appropriately designed maple leaf. The brand new Leader Among Leaders Award has a brand new original trophy design. All awards have been custom designed and sustainably produced by Hoselton Studios of Colbourne, Ontario.

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To learn more about past competitions visit our archives or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

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