IFS PACsecure
HACCP for Packaging

PAC and IFS launch IFS PACsecure globally

The IFS PACsecure food safety standard for individual packaging materials is in the process of benchmarking to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The Packaging Association (PAC), which along with its partner, IFS Management, have already started the recognition process with GFSI.

Between thirteen to fifteen packaging companies are being audited to the new IFS PACsecure standard. Once this is completed, their names are being submitted to GFSI as part of the benchmarking process.

For its part, IFS is one of the world’s largest safety and quality standards organizations with about 13,000 certifications for its GFSI recognized food safety standard. In addition to packaging, it manages standards governing logistics, brokers, cash and carry/wholesale, household and personal care goods.

One-day training
More than 70 U.S. and Canadian firms have recently completed a one-day IFS PACsecure training course to help them become compliant with the standard. Plans are also underway to hold at least 12 one-day training session throughout North and South America as well as Europe in 2013.

IFS PACsecure was created by PAC through a 100 plus-member steering committee to provide packaging manufacturers the ability to certify primary and secondary packaging materials for the food industry.

Identifying risks
Over the past decade, PAC developed the food safety standard based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) criteria for individual packaging materials, covering the 24 common manufacturing processes required for flexible plastics, rigid plastics, paper, metals and glass.

This meant developing individual workbooks for each of the processes, better allowing individual firms to use a science and risk-based approach in the development of their HACCP program.

FSAP recognized
The IFS PACsecure standard is already recognized by the U.S.-based Food Safety alliance for Packaging (FSAP) which includes firms as General Mills, Nestle, Kraft, Conagra Foods, Unilever, Sara Lee and Campbell Soup. It will also be submitted to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Pac has also developed a number of related services for the IFS PACsecure product. They include an on-line training tool about food safety for employees to help change the corporate culture in an organization, as well as “how to” guidelines covering recall and traceability issues.


IFS PACsecure Implementation Support Tools:

- Individual workbooks - these workbooks cover the 24 most commonly used manufacturing processes in packaging material conversion.

- Hazard analysis implementation tool - outlines the physical, chemical and biological implications of almost every material, chemical, and process currently used in the manufacture of all paper and flexible plastics packaging. Work is underway to complete the same for rigid plastics, metal containers and glass packaging.

- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit tool - identifies acceptable limits, monitoring, deviation and verification procedures, and supports records maintenance for the same above mentioned materials, chemicals and processes.


For further information:
Larry Dworkin
Government Relations Director, PAC


George Gansner
IFS Management GmbH
Director, Marketing & Business Development


PACsecure/HACCP based standards specific to packaging materials available for purchase.


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2014 Events

May 27
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IFS PACsecure Training Course
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PAC – The Packaging Association is hosting a one-day HACCP course to assist plant managers and quality assurance personnel of packaging companies to become compliant with the IFS PACsecure food safety standard for individual packaging materials. IFS PACsecure Program is GFSI Certified.

February 20
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IFS PACsecure - HACCP Training
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PAC – The Packaging Association is hosting a one-day HACCP course to assist plant managers and quality assurance personnel of packaging companies to become compliant with the IFS PACsecure food safety standard for individual packaging materials.

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